These are the days….

“I can’t wait till I grow up.” I am sure that I have said more ridiculous things, however, I believe that this is absolutely in the top 5 dumbest things I have ever muttered. I am fortunate in a lot of ways to be a part of the “Facebook” generation for a couple of reasons. First, I get to keep up with a lot of people I would have never known anything about again after highschool, and that does not take away from the joy I find in randomly hearing from them or running into them. Second, every now and then someone makes a post that says, “does anyone have the photos from?”. I always have the photos from, my mom was so good about that. And every time I pull out the photos I have the amazing opportunity to relive a lot of happy moments that in the great rush of life I have forgotten. This week, my childhood best friend asked for the photos from the time we sang back up for Reba McIntyre. If you did not know me then please check out the photo when she walked up to us backstage where it looks like I am praying. I do that when I am over the moon excited. How amazing that I got to meet and sing back up for my “Idol”. This particular year she came out with a song called “What If?”. I am so glad Rach asked about these and it gave me the opportunity to listen again because the song is so much not only for then, but so much a huge part of what is our today.

I went through all of these and laughed while I compared then and nows and realized that we are the age to have kids the age that these kids were. I marvel at that. I am going to keep the typing short and get the photos out. But while I share this with all of the way back when friends I want you to do something for me in this time we are in.

This feels like yesterday. I bet our parents thought they were going to have to deal with our stuff forever. And maybe you feel like this will last forever. Stop. Hug your kids. Go have a good afternoon with them. This will not last forever and you will miss it when it’s gone.

One thought on “These are the days….

  1. Thank you for posting these. I dearly love seeing them and remembering all y’all’s sweet innocent faces. You are so wise to realize how much your parents and all us other parents of these cute kids miss this. But we have our precious memories!

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