The professor teaching the class I was taking stood in front of the class and said “There are two types of people.  The Glass half empty people and the glass half full people.”  I felt my annoyance rise but said nothing, my face however, betrayed me.  He asked if I had anything to say and I slowly stood up, introduced myself and replied. “Hi, I am Stefanie, and I don’t share your point of view.  I am looking at the same glass and my thought is that it doesn’t matter because the glass is refillable.”

He smiled and thanked me and then went on with his lesson.  However, my take on his lesson interested him and it spurred a long time friendship where we still debate this.  I have taken classes on everything you can imagine and I still feel like the cup is refillable and there are more than two types no matter which way the lesson is planned.  There are more people than “carrot or stick”, “half full or half empty”, “why or why not”, “givers and takers” and the list goes on.

I feel like the truth is that most people are both.  At some point in our lives we have been any one of these descriptions.  I would like to think that I choose to be someone who understands that the glass can be refilled, but only if you get up and do it.  I fail at that daily, however I am trying.

Whatever your story, whatever you have struggled with, someone is there now and could benefit from what you have to say about how you got through it.  And while not everyone here will agree or benefit, this is my learning center for how to refill my cup and I hope that it helps you choose to refill yours and help others fill theirs.

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