Who are you ?

Who are you? Do you know? Or do you sit as you read this question looking perplexed as Alice when Anslem asks her? If you do not get my reference…. Alice In Wonderland is an amazing book and was originally written as satire. The author is making fun of people, and I think maybe sometimesContinue reading “Who are you ?”

You are Enough

Much like a chain letter, none of us know who wrote it first. What we know is it speaks to us all. I’ve added my words, others before me added theirs… take it… copy it… post it… share it for the next person who needs to know they are not alone and they are worthy!Continue reading “You are Enough”

Why ME?

You know, it’s funny, I couldn’t wait to start a blog and now you can not get me to log in and say something to save my life. That is probably the problem. Lately I am focused on MY life. The whole world has gone mad and there is this entire generation of people whoContinue reading “Why ME?”

Strong People

They say that strong people forgive. They say that strong people are not bothered. They say… a lot of things. Have you ever known someone who is always ready to jump to the aid of someone in need? Have you ever watched a person whos smile is infectious, laugh and impart happiness and good feelingsContinue reading “Strong People”


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